about me
swedish programmer, currently living in malmö. studying programming and game development at the game assembly, malmö, sp18.

prior to the game assembly i went
to lbs, helsingborg and studied
programming and design.

gameplay, character, control, camera

c++, c#, lua, (html, css)
swedish, english.
i understand danish and norwegian!

[email protected]
+4673 980 91 66

specialization, third person camera - 2020, c++ oddworks, 5 weeks (8h/day) solo
this was my last project of my education at the game assembly. the goal is to get an internship at a studio you like, potentially a job too! :)

skinner's cage - 2019, c++ tga2d, 8 weeks (4h/day)
really fun to work on, team was perfect. i worked hard on making sure that the feedback felt great and addictive, making the player want to keep playing and collect cheese.

super meat boy and the end is nigh were our references and we wanted to capture the feeling that made these games so good. hours of adjusting and testing!
nominated for game of the year: console & pc!

my job was to implement all the essential features; dying, jumping, sprinting as well as the menus!

beer and loving in transylvania - 2018, lua löve, 8 weeks (4h/day)
point and click adventure game. this was the first game/group project we had in our inhouse engine, a wild but fun idea :) nominated for swedish game awards 2019!

my main focus was gameplay so i got to work close with the designers and implement fun things like events, states/menus, sounds and puzzles!

cloud heist - 2019, c++ our group oddbox's engine oddworks, 10 weeks (4h/day)
3d "space" shooter! our self-built engine! the debut game for oddbox, our team that will work with eachother til the summer when our internships start.

i worked on the player (shoot, move along spline and tilt) and made sure that the designers had everything they could possible need.
i also focused on the menus/states and some of the sounds.

confined - 2020, c++ oddworks, 10 weeks (8h/day)
first person game! you find yourself in an abandoned lab and your mission is to get the seeds and leave, fast.

i focused on making the fps camera, the player controller and the interact system. the nodes i created made it easy for the level designers to create new interactions, deciding on what would happen when a specific object was interacted with.

this project was made during my specialization and as i learned new things, i implemented them. this resulted in a smooth, cinematic camera which was tailored for the game we had in mind.

spite: the mountain god - 2020, c++ oddworks, 10 weeks (4h/day)
second game with oddbox! the requirements for this project were high so it was important for us to not get ahold of ourselves since we only had 10 weeks to finish the game.

the assignment was to make a "part 2" of a mockup diablo game which had a lot more restrictions. the reason for this is so that we get used to working with orders from above.

my main areas in this project were the ability-system, the player/enemy and its behaviours as well as the menus.

love is the key - 2020, 48h
solo project for global game jam 2020, theme "repair"! ♥
play as two parts of a heart and find your other half, proceed to the goal ♥

my first time making a game in pico8, it was a blast!

flora - 2019, c++ tga2d, 8 weeks (4h/day)
our second project, shoot em up! pretty interesting game with beautiful pixel graphics.

having the player be dependent on something as well as the problematic tools we made for the designers (timeline in txt file...) caused several balancing issues but we fought our way through it and made a cute and harmonic game. although it's not typical for a shoot em up to have this theme, we tried something new. you live and learn!

worked on all the game-defining features (movement, recharging, shooting, killing) and made sure that they felt great and were enjoyable. also made the first boss.

secret of frogland - 2019, c++ tga2d, 8 weeks (4h/day)
this project really taught me to make sure that the team has a lower scope and less complex features. we encountered several problems along the road that were hard to fix but we did our best and finished it!

i worked (for the most part) with all around gameplay, menus and the main throwing ability.

bioom - 2018, c# unity, 1 week (4h/day)
lbs gameweek! i was the programmer and got to teach the grades under me how to work and think in projects.

We made a doom inspired project; shoot enemies, pickup ammo- survive. first fps project i worked on and learned a lot about memory management and spawning entities.

hellevator - 2017, c# unity, 24h gamejam
small group-project, fall as far down the hellevator as you can! avoid the spikes and devils!

it was a blast seeing the other students compete for the local leaderboards. learned how to work with filesystems as well as a simple but fun design with a progressive difficulty.

king of the hill - 2016, c# unity
solo project, lbs. you're standing at the top of the hill and some rock creatures are coming to get you from all angles.. hit them with your bat!

cannon - 2015, c# unity
solo project, destroy your enemy's base! i worked on it during my time at lbs and it was meant to be played at the arcade machine at school that we helped build.

pong - 2015, c# monogame
solo project, simple pong game! very fun to play against your friends ;)

at this point i realised that i love programming and game development. started taking it more seriously by making small arcade games that me and my friends would enjoy together.