beer and loving in transylvania
my first group project at the game assembly, point and click! our references were dracula and vampire-themed environment.

download here!

• pickup, drag, drop
we had an early version of a postmaster in our game which helped a lot, especially when having mechanics like this. we had an editor where the designers could place colliders that sent posts on hit! internally, we listened for the relevant posts and acted on it by, for example, adding a grabable inventory icon or unlocking a pantry.

pickup, drag, drop img

• puzzles
i had never really used event systems before this project, but it opened my eyes. all though we did not use it as effeciantly as we could have, we made some fun puzzles.
close communication with the designers on what sounds to play, what to pickup and when.

the game has a nice flow and was enjoyable making. all the puzzles were based around picking up objects and combining/placing them.